September 2019 Savings Report

A look back at saving and investment performance up to September 2019

September 2019 Savings Report

This is the first of a new series. I’ll take a look at net worth growth Month on Month, Year on Year.

The other MM and I have been keeping a spreadsheet of finances. Money in, money out, actuals. Ever since we got together 18 years ago. It’s a great bit of data, and it’s helped keep our finances in order over the years.

I won’t post absolutes values. Only % of net worth.

I include aspects that are not FIRE applicable. Such as property equity. You need a roof over your head after all! In my industry, we call such figures Vanity Metrics. At least I can tell when I’m doing it I suppose!

2019 so far

This year has been awesome so far. It started with big plans in January - most of which have panned out!

Going Well

Could do better

September 2019

September was another good month. Month on Month net worth increased by 2%. Mostly from further savings, pension contributions and growth. Nationwide are reporting slight up tick in house value.

Year on Year is looking healthy at over 23% growth, well above last years 13%.

Type MoM% YoY%

Year on Year

Some significant changes in allocation so far this year with the clearing of the mortgage. This reduced liquid cash but cleared the mortgage 19 years early. It made sense to do this, as our earning rate on the cash was lower than the mortgage interest rate. Pension growth is also strong due to additional contributions and fund growth.

Whilst equity exposure appears very low, all pensions are in global trackers funds. I invest in equities almost solely via pensions.


This chart shows our net worth growth since the other-MM started work and I graduated.

Whilst we’re mortgage free, and on the path, FI let alone FIRE still seems a very long way away. Subscribe for more. I hope you like the charts, I am a fan of Tufte*.

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