Debt Consolidation Care

How it serves for the last 15 years

Debt Consolidation Care - How it serves for the last 15 years

This is the first in a series of Guest Posts on Money Mage, by Good Nelly from Debt Consolidation Care.

Disclaimer: if you are UK based and have problems with Debt you should seek help from a regulated charity like Step Change.

This Guest Post is for US readers.

So, without me stealing any more of the limelight, it’s over to Good Nelly of DebtCC…

Debt Consolidation Care - A brief introduction

DebtCC is the internet’s first get-out-of-debt community that helps people with free advice on how to deal and solve their debt problems and manage their finances. You can get advice on debt consolidation and settlement, paying back payday loans, dealing with credit card debt, along with how to deal with creditors and collection agencies.

So far, it has helped more than 471,119 members to pay off their debts.

While talking about all these, the discussion will be incomplete if we don’t add a bit of the founder’s story.

DebtCC is based in Nevada. The founder, Mr. Vikas Kedia, had once gone through a tough time to solve his debt problems. After solving his debt crisis, he started Debt Consolidation Care in 2003 to help people get rid of debt problems and deal with creditors and collection agencies.

What is the goal of DebtCC?

DebtCC is with the mission to help you get out of debt fast and enjoy financial freedom. The experienced consultants guide you through choosing a debt relief option that fits your financial situation. The purpose of DebtCC is to help you repay debt as well as help you manage your money so that you can avoid falling into debt. In short, the goal of DebtCC is to help you manage your money in a better way.

Debt Consolidation Care has always been with people to solve their debt problems. Here are a few glimpses of what it’s offering.

Providing free counseling

The financial advisers in DebtCC provide free counseling and motivate you to repay debt.

The financial advisers always say to make a decision to overcome debt problems. The counselors in DebtCC can help you stick to your decision of becoming debt free. Apart from improving your financial situation, when you’re out of debt, your confidence level increases. So, be debt free and enjoy life. You can watch this video to learn more about it.

Helping through forums - Over 82,116 discussions

All you have to do is post your query and there are esteemed members and experienced professionals to help you solve your debt problems. You can even participate in the forums by helping others too.

Personal advisers and market experts have been helping debtors and consumers to solve their debt problems. There are more than 564,417 forum posts so far, and 712,518 forum members are there in the DebtCC.

Answering through live chat

If you want quick help, you can have a live chat with one of our counselors. You can get answers to your queries without wasting any time.

Helping choose options through calculators

You can use the calculators to decide which debt relief option will be most suitable for you. You have to just give in certain details like your debt amount, your income, etc. and the calculator will show you which option is best for you. You get to know how long it’ll take to repay debts or what amount you need to pay every month to repay the debt within a certain period.

Making debt relief option clear through comparison charts

Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to choose a debt relief option. For that reason, there are comparison charts of popular debt relief strategies that help you clear your doubts. You can check out the advantages and disadvantages of each option to choose your preferred debt relief strategy.

Helping you to negotiate with your creditors - Sample letters

You can go through the sample letters that you can send to negotiate and validate your debt with the creditors and collection agencies. There are more than 30 sample letters to choose from.

Creating a knowledge bank of every financial problem

DebtCC has a storehouse of articles about nearly every aspect of managing your finances in a better way. You can go through the articles to know about the debt relief options in detail.

Why people trust Debt Consolidation Care

DebtCC has a few feathers in its wing, which are:

A+ Rating from BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit organization, assigns rankings to businesses, non-profit organizations, charities, based on their standards. Debt Consolidation Care has received an A+ rating from BBB.

Big communities shared some good words about DebtCC

Debt Consolidation Care gives you knowledge and direction to deal with the overwhelming process of tackling debt. No matter the amount of your debt, they can work with you to assess your situation and determine a plan to get you on the road to becoming debt free. - Funding Hero

Debt Consolidation Care is a safe haven for the countless Americans looking to hide from the ever encroaching specter of debt. Since 2004, they have aided thousands of individuals to find their path to financial freedom, going from deep in the red to happily in the black. Debt Consolidation Care offers a free consultation and credit counseling to everyone who qualifies. Their website also offers information about all of the options available through their company and through other debt relief companies, allowing consumers to make an informed decision on whether Debt Consolidation Care is right for them or not. - Debt Reviews

Common people shared positive feelings on getting help

Here are 2 reviews of our satisfied clientele:

I fell into debt around the time of a break up and couldn’t make my monthly payments. I had credit card debts and loans totaling $42000. I found this company through the web. Shane Rogers explained the program details to me and guided me step by step in the process and explained how long it would take for me to be debt free. I recommend this company for anyone who needs help as they are very helpful. - Shelby Gascon

The company was very helpful and explained step by step and they will guide you as you go. Members provide solutions. - Elvie Compan

DebtCC is popular on social platforms too. It has 7000 + followers and 7700 likes on Facebook, about 11000+ followers on Twitter. People are using social platforms too for communication.

Thanks to Good Nelly from DebtCC for the first Guest Post!

Disclaimer: if you are UK based and have Debt concerns, you should seek help from a regulated charity like Step Change.

Money Mage does not provide Debt Councelling or Debt Adjusting. Money Mage does not provide Financial Advice. This blog is for information and entertainment only. Please check the Disclaimer for more details.

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