Retirement Drawdown Calculator

Simulate how long your retirement funds will last

Retirement Drawdown Calculator

“How soon can I retire?”

“Why is 4% a Safe Withdrawl Rate?”


Retirement planning can be hard. There may be many years between now and your retirement date. Those years come with uncertainty.

Markets may crash. Inflation may increase. You may lose your income.

Simulating your drawdown plans early can highlight issues.

Money Mage is not Financial Advice. This calculator is provided for information and education only. Read the Disclaimer.

This monte carlo retirement drawdown calculator is based on historical stock market, bond market, and inflation figures from the 1920’s to 2010’s. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Enter your retirement plans to simulate: (select historical data & monte-carlo to run simulation)

1. Your birth year (YYYY):
2. Your desired retirement age (N):
3. Retirement account drawdown age (N):
4. Your state pension age (N):
5. Pre-retirement account funds: (£)
6. Retirement-linked account funds: (£)
7. Bond Allocation before retirement: (%)
8. Bond Allocation after retirement: (%)
9. Monthly state pension (Today’s £):
10. Years to simulate:
11. Withdrawl Rate. (%):
12. Inflation rate pa. (%): (use historical)
13. Expected bond growth pa. (%): (use historical)
14. Expected stock growth pa. (%): (use historical)
15. (Optional) Monthly pre-retirement savings & investments, until retirement (£):
16. (Optional) Monthly post-retirement contributions, until retirement (£):
17. (Optional) Minimum monthly expenditure (£):
18. (Optional) Monte-Carlo simulation?

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