Mortgage Repayment Calculator

See how overpaying a little saves a lot

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

“Why bother overpaying your mortage when you can invest?”

“My mortgage rate is so low!”


It’s true, if you are a savvy investor it’s possible to keep your mortgage ticking along and invest instead.

This Mortgage Repayment Calculator can help decide whether to overpay or not.

If you overpay just little you can save thousands in interest over the years. Most of your mortgage payments in the early years are lost to interest payments. Build a habit, and do this month after month. You’ll be mortgage free in no time!

Enter your mortgage and see:

  1. Your mortgage principal: (£)

  2. Mortgage Interest Rate (%):

  3. (Optional) Monthly Overpayment (£):

  4. Years:

Monthly Payment Monthly Overpayment Paid Off In Saving In Interest


Date Principal Payment Overpayment Interest


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