Compound Interest Calculator

See how saving a little saves a lot

Compound Interest Calculator

“Why bother saving when interest rates are so low?”

“1.4% interest is nothing!

“I have so few savings, it’s not worth it!”


Wrong! Save £10 a month at 10% for a year, you’ll have £120 right?. No! Interest compounds. Pay your interest back into your savings account. Build a habit, and do this month after month. Your savings start to grow!

This Compound Interest Calculator shows you how much your money will grow with compounding.

Compounding is magical. A superlinear superpower. Learn how compounding can increase your net worth exponetionally over the years. From a £500 Emergency Fund to growing your net worth and Mortgage Freedom by 35.

Enter your saving and see:

  1. Starting Lump Sum Saving: (£)

  2. Monthly Savings: (£/month)

  3. Interest Rate (%):

  4. Years:

Date Savings Interest Total


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