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  • September 2019 Savings Report

    This is the first of a new series. I’ll take a look at net worth growth Month on Month, Year on Year.

    The other MM and I have been keeping a spreadsheet of finances. Money in, money out, actuals. Ever since we got together 18 years ago. It’s a great bit of data, and it’s helped keep our finances in... [[continue reading]]

  • Make money when spending

    You can make £100s when Spending

    I am not kidding. You can make money when you spend!

    Ordinary spending! On your council tax. Your bills. Your mobile. Your holidays. Your car insurance. Your home insurance. Your food shopping.

    It’s possible to make hundreds if not thousands from cashback.

    Where from? The best cashback sites, cashback credit cards, and loyalty cards.... [[continue reading]]