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  • 8 reasons Financial Independence is for Everyone

    It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Financial Independence is like champagne socialism. Especially FIRE - Financial Independence, Retire Early,

    The privileged, white, well-off, middle classes. Sitting on their mountain of wealth. Preaching to those beneath them to enjoy living off unbranded tins of beans.

    The reality of the less-well-off is quite different. Like wondering if you are going to... [[continue reading]]

  • Protect your holiday & avoid another Thomas Cook

    It’s been a bad couple of years for the travel industry. Six tour operator collapses and thirteen airline collapses in 2018[].

    It’s terrible for the 9,000 employees of Thomas Cook who haven’t been paid their final salary. They’ll now have to claim via the Insolvency Service and wait weeks to get what they are due.

    It’s also terrible for affected... [[continue reading]]