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Money Mage’s Complete Personal Finance Grimoire. Life giving spells for making more money, saving and investing, and retiring early.

  • What is an Income Tax Band?

    Tax is boring. I get it.

    But understanding your Taxation is vital if you want to understand and grow your net worth.

    Everyone thinks: ‘How can I pay less tax?’ Pay your fair share! For the public services we all rely upon!

    But you shouldn’t be paying more than you need to.

    Many don’t understand basic Personal Taxation. This article... [[continue reading]]

  • Big Black Friday Sale - Save up to 100%

    Yes, you can save up to 100% this Black Friday! It’s simple.

    Black Friday is awesome. There are so many deals. So many end-of-line goodies. So many offers. So many emails from Amazon!

    Can you resist? You need to save up to 100% NOW!!

    Follow these 3 steps to save up to 100% in Money Mages’ Big Black Friday Sale,... [[continue reading]]

  • Free Personal Finance Calculators for your Blog or Website

    Personal Finance Education is lacking. Fruggles everywhere are suffering from lifestyle creep. I am passionate about improving basic knowledge of Personal Finance.

    That’s why I’ve built a set of free Personal Finance Calculators. They provide straight-talking, information-only facts. No selling of products or affiliate pushing.

    You can try out the calculators right away:

  • What is a Mortgage Overpayment?

    Some mortgages permit you to overpay. Overpaying your mortgage can save you tens of thousands of pounds in interest.

    Overpaying is a great way of reducing this long term burden on your finances.

    Overpaying isn’t ‘lost’ money. It reduces your monthly outgoings, bringing forward Financial Independence. Imagine not having to spend hundreds or low thousands on a mortgage payment... [[continue reading]]