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Money Mage’s Complete Personal Finance Grimoire. Life giving spells for making more money, saving and investing, and retiring early.

  • 5 Steps to get out of Debt

    We all suffer with debts. Many debts are a form of control, and the sooner you are clear of your debts, the sooner you will be free.

    Debts can turn into an endless negative cycle.

    You struggle one month, so you take out debt to get by. That debt costs next month, so you struggle even more.

    The Money Mage... [[continue reading]]

  • Money Mage plans for 2020

    This time of year is Burns night in Scotland, where we celebrate the bard with a sacrificial haggis and a wee dram.

    ‘To a Mouse’ always reminds me to plan. Without fail. It’s become a bit of a habit.

    I am a software engineering leader. A manager of technical and creative people. In software we plan. We plan a lot.... [[continue reading]]

  • December 2019 Savings Report

    Happy New Year lovely readers! I hope you had a awesome break over the festive period.

    We had a complete shutdown in the Money Mage household. We did nothing, and it was bliss.

    This post marks the 1 year Birthday of Money Mage. I can’t believe this Savings Report marks 12 months ago since I wrote How to be... [[continue reading]]

  • What is a Personal Allowance?

    Tax is boring. I know. This is the second Tax post in the last couple of weeks. But it’s important!

    Understanding the various tax-efficient earning, saving and investing approaches is a way to accelerate your financial independence. The UK provides a great environment for tax-efficient earning, saving and investing.

    In the UK, everyone is entitled to earn a certain amount... [[continue reading]]