Money Mages' Personal Finance Grimoire

Money Mage’s Complete Personal Finance Grimoire. Life giving spells for making more money, saving and investing, and retiring early.

  • September 2019 Savings Report

    This is the first of a new series. I’ll take a look at net worth growth Month on Month, Year on Year.

    The other MM and I have been keeping a spreadsheet of finances. Money in, money out, actuals. Ever since we got together 18 years ago. It’s a great bit of data, and it’s helped keep our finances in... [[continue reading]]

  • Make money when spending

    You can make £100s when Spending

    I am not kidding. You can make money when you spend!

    Ordinary spending! On your council tax. Your bills. Your mobile. Your holidays. Your car insurance. Your home insurance. Your food shopping.

    It’s possible to make hundreds if not thousands from cashback.

    Where from? The best cashback sites, cashback credit cards, and loyalty cards.... [[continue reading]]

  • How to save money with DIY

    Homeownership amongst 25 to 34-year-olds has collapsed.

    The buy-to-let boom and symbiotic soaring house prices have forced most of the age group out of the market. Homeownership across England amongst 25 to 34-year-olds has almost halved since 1991[]. Down from 65% to 35%. In the 16-24 bracket’s homeownership is down fivefold, from 46% in 1991 to 9% today. Millennial fruggles,... [[continue reading]]

  • What is a Mortgage?

    A mortgage is a loan taken out to buy property or land.

    Most mortgages are long term loans, usually 25 years, but the length can vary. The length of a mortgage is called the term.

    The mortgage is ‘secured’ against the property or land bought. If you fail to meet repayments your property could be repossessed. If this happens the... [[continue reading]]

  • Money Mage plans for 2019

    After the first few weeks of the new year, I always take a look back over what’s been and what’s to come with a fresh pair of eyes.

    The end of January is a good time. Things have settled after the new year return to hell-work. The first paycheck is often in. False New Year resolutions have failed, and habits... [[continue reading]]