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  • March 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our March 2020 Savings Report. Well, that got unprecedented quite quickly. Even BoJo is in hospital.

    As COVID-19 continues to ravage society, the economy and even lives, March has been a difficult month for many. I am sure April will be too.

    I expect this is not an unfamiliar story on Personal Finance blogs. Touch wood, we are... [[continue reading]]

  • February 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our February 2020 Savings Report. Alternatively known as COVID-19-panic. Get your Coronavirus here. There is a case in Dundee, so it’s only a matter of time before filthy jobby-hands kill us all.

    If you frequently watch BBC News as we do, I’m surprised you are not running for your bunker with your Doomsday Prepper boxsets under your arm.

    ... [[continue reading]]
  • Fruugo Review

    This is the first in a new series of reviewing online services & retailers. This series will only review services and retailers I’ve personally used.

    Fruugo is an ‘online marketplace’. You may not have heard the name before, but Fruugo are growing quickly. They’ll start popping up more on searches for goods.

    There are no affiliate links in... [[continue reading]]

  • How wealthy am I?

    An angry £80,000 earner on BBC Question Time during the 2019 UK General Election campaign sparked up a bit of a row about income tax and median earnings.

    There was an outcry at whether £80,000 was or wasn’t in the top 5% of earners. Does earning £80,000 or more put you in the top 5% of UK earners?

    Median earnings... [[continue reading]]