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  • 6 Reasons to Batch Cook

    The other-MM and I love our food.

    We’ve been together for 19 years this October and every single one of those years we’ve loved. A little too much!

    But food is also a social activity for us. Whether it be eating out, or cooking together. We talk. We help solve each other’s problems. We have fun.

    So cooking for us... [[continue reading]]

  • Save more money with DIY

    The Money Mage household needed some critical maintenance on the outside this year. We bought the property 7 years ago and have mostly focussed inside, as outside wasn’t too bad.

    But over the past 7 years, outside has been deteriorating.

    We have two balconies that needed some resurfacing & repair. And making them water tight. The windows and fascias needed... [[continue reading]]

  • July 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our July Savings Report.

    The world has opened up a little since our last report. Although maybe a bit too quickly, given the local lockdowns in Aberdeen and the north of England.

    We’ve managed to get a couple of our favourite restaurant meals in, take away only. They’re local and independent, so we wanted to support them. I... [[continue reading]]