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  • Cheap holidays without breaking the bank 2019

    You need a break. Fruggles running around everywhere looking tired and stressed. Commuting to hell-work. Sitting at their hell-desks. Counting down the days till the weekend. Counting the sleeps until holidays. Counting the sleeps until Santa.

    We’ve all been there. We all need a break. Kick back, enjoy and relax. On a pristine beach somewhere. With umbrellas and a Piña... [[continue reading]]

  • How to lose weight and save money at the same time

    It’s the time of year again. Overindulgence at Christmas. Spent way more than we’d like. Regrets and tummies are large.

    Everyone is asking: How to reduce my tummy? How to lose weight?

    Most of us engage in the festive overindulgence. We try to compensate in January. New Year’s resolutions are set. Good intentions are laid out. Gyms fill with fruggles... [[continue reading]]