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Make more money. Mortgage Freedom. Retire early.

Money Mage provides straight talking information about growing your wealth, using your money wisely, and working towards retiring early.

  • Money Mage plans for 2019

    After the first few weeks of the new year, I always take a look back over what’s been and what’s to come with a fresh pair of eyes.

    The end of January is a good time. Things have settled after the new year return to hell-work. The first paycheck is often in. False New Year resolutions have failed, and habits... [[continue reading]]

  • How to save money when driving

    The Money Mage household is a single vehicle, single driver house. Money Mage #1 could walk to work, but the other Money Mage can’t. One would think that Money Mage #2 would learn to drive, but life isn’t so simple. It’s a story for another time.

    Vehicles are expensive. Fuel-guzzling, wealth-killing machines. Pollute-wagons.

    Pollute-wagons are a necessity sometimes. Especially if... [[continue reading]]