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  • 7 Reasons to Cut Down On Alcohol

    I made it no secret: I’ve had struggles with alcohol. I’m much better, but I still do struggle.

    You never stop struggling.

    I knew I’d gone too far when my doctor recommended I sought professional help. My initial reaction was: “you what!?”.

    I didn’t call myself an alcoholic. How could I be an alcoholic? I’m not an alcoholic, am I?

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  • September 2021 Savings Report

    Welcome to our Q3 2021 Savings Report.

    This month marks two years of straight saving reports. You find find the first being September 2019. But in more important news, this coming month marks the other-MM’s and I’s 20th anniversary together. We’re having a wee trip away, and have booked a plush suite in a posh hotel.

    Thank you for... [[continue reading]]

  • June 2021 Savings Report

    Welcome to our Q2 2021 Savings Report.

    This is the second in a new Quarterly report format. My monthly reports were becoming a bit same-old, and I have had other draws on my time.

    Slow and steady wins the personal finance race, and this report is no different.

    The good news is: we are doing well, and our finances are... [[continue reading]]

  • March 2021 Savings Report

    Welcome to our March Savings Report.

    It’s been a while. I hope you are doing well. Apologies for being absent without leave - more on that later.

    Given my absence, this is the first monthly report in over 18 months that I’ve missed. You’ll have to consider this report a quarterly report.

    This time last year was the peak of... [[continue reading]]

  • December 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our December Savings Report.

    Happy New Year!

    I hope you had a great holiday. We certainly did.

    I can’t believe 2020 is over. I also can’t believe what a terrible start 2021 has been for most of us.

    We’re back in full national lockdown and there’s been a riot at of the seat of power in America.

    To... [[continue reading]]