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  • March 2021 Savings Report

    Welcome to our March Savings Report.

    It’s been a while. I hope you are doing well. Apologies for being absent without leave - more on that later.

    Given my absence, this is the first monthly report in over 18 months that I’ve missed. You’ll have to consider this report a quarterly report.

    This time last year was the peak of... [[continue reading]]

  • December 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our December Savings Report.

    Happy New Year!

    I hope you had a great holiday. We certainly did.

    I can’t believe 2020 is over. I also can’t believe what a terrible start 2021 has been for most of us.

    We’re back in full national lockdown and there’s been a riot at of the seat of power in America.

    To... [[continue reading]]

  • November 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our November Savings Report.

    I’m writing this in December. I can’t believe the end of 2020 is already in sight. This horrible year has flown by. It doesn’t feel like 9 months have passed since work sent us all home to work from home.

    And the house is bloody freezing in the day, so I’ve had to buy... [[continue reading]]

  • 8 Reasons to Ditch Your Mobile Contract

    79% of people in the UK are in what’s known as ‘handset and contract’ deals[]. Locked into a monthly payment to a mobile phone operator. Walking around with the latest and greatest handsets.

    Are you paying £20-40/month or more to O2, T-Mobile, Three, Vodafone, or one of the big telecom operators in the UK for your mobile phone?

    I pay... [[continue reading]]