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Top 10

  1. How to be mortgage free and retiring early
  2. 8 reasons Financial Independence is for Everyone
  3. How wealthy am I?
  4. 7 Thoughts on Low Cost Living?
  5. 6 Reasons to Quit Your Job
  6. Should I overpay my Mortgage?
  7. We can retire sooner than we thought
  8. How to lose weight and save money at the same time
  9. 5 Reasons to be Happily Childree
  10. Is P2P a Safe Investment?

What Is Series

The What Is Series provides straight talking information to help Fruggles with Finance

  1. What is a Mortgage?
  2. What is an Emergency Fund?
  3. What is a Mortgage Overpayment?
  4. What is an Income Tax Band?
  5. What is a Personal Allowance?
  6. What is a Pension?
  7. What is a Share Option?

Batch Cook Recipes

  1. 6 Reasons to Batch Cook
  2. Ultimate Batch Cooked Chilli Con Carne

Savings Reports Series

The Savings Report Series provides an insight into the Money Mage households’ progress towards Financial Independence, Retire Early. The post series started in 2019, but we’ve been tracking our finances since 2004.

The Savings Report series now is quarterly, and it’s cadence may reduce further.

Slow and steady wins the personal finance race.

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