Make More Money. Save and Invest. Retire Early.

Who doesn’t want more money? Who doesn’t want a higher paid job with fewer hours? Who doesn’t want to semi-retire tomorrow?

Unless you are in the top 20% of earners, you’re becoming relatively poorer every day. The consumerist draws on your fruggle lifestyle makes retiring early seem a distant dream.

I am Money Mage and I’ll be writing on growing your wealth, how to make more money, how to save and invest, how to live frugally, and eventually retire early. Whilst always living well, looking after yourself, and having fun!

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Latest from Money Mage

  • 6 Reasons to Quit Your Job

    A time of crisis is an ideal opportunity to take a step back. To evaluate the bigger picture.

    In mid-2019 I quit my job. I chose to fall down a few rungs of the career ladder.

    Now, 12 months on, I know it was the best decision I made in the last decade.

    I was a senior manager of a... [[continue reading]]

  • Money Mage on Joney Talks

    I recently spoke with Jonathan Verhaeghe of Joney Talks podcast fame.

    We spoke about why Financial Independence is for everyone, starting off with nothing, living in a beautiful low-cost of living area in Scotland, risks of P2P investing, being fortunate enough to have a decent job, brain plasticity, and much more!

    You can find out more about... [[continue reading]]

  • April 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our April 2020 Savings Report.

    Before I start, my Aunt passed away this week. She was a lovely, bubbly and hilariously self-deprecating soul. My family is in my thoughts, and so is my memory of her. She was 74. Thankfully unrelated to COVID-19, but it’s a blow none the less. It’s a terrible time for the family as... [[continue reading]]

  • March 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our March 2020 Savings Report. Well, that got unprecedented quite quickly. Even BoJo is in hospital.

    As COVID-19 continues to ravage society, the economy and even lives, March has been a difficult month for many. I am sure April will be too.

    I expect this is not an unfamiliar story on Personal Finance blogs. Touch wood, we are... [[continue reading]]

  • February 2020 Savings Report

    Welcome to our February 2020 Savings Report. Alternatively known as COVID-19-panic. Get your Coronavirus here. There is a case in Dundee, so it’s only a matter of time before filthy jobby-hands kill us all.

    If you frequently watch BBC News as we do, I’m surprised you are not running for your bunker with your Doomsday Prepper boxsets under your arm.

    ... [[continue reading]]