December 2019 Savings Report

A look back at saving and investment performance up to December 2019

December 2019 Savings Report

Happy New Year lovely readers! I hope you had a awesome break over the festive period.

We had a complete shutdown in the Money Mage household. We did nothing, and it was bliss.

This post marks the 1 year Birthday of Money Mage. I can’t believe this Savings Report marks 12 months ago since I wrote How to be mortgage free and retiring early! It’s been an awesome year!

This is the next in my Savings Report series. You can get them all the best of Money Mage

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Here are this months savings figures.

December 2019 Savings Rates

Date SR SRp
December 2019 71.0% 77.8%
November 2019 66.89% 74.25%
October 2019 65.9% 73.4%

Towards Financial Independence

Our Financial Independence number is quite conservative. This table shows the number of years to achieve Financial Independence in various cases.

Date FIh FIp FI
December 2019 4.3 12.6 17.6
November 2019 4.7 12.9 17.6
October 2019 4.9 13.1 17.7

What’s pretty awesome is FIh is tracking down really quickly - this shows the overall plan is well on track.

FI is tracking down slowly. This is expected as I am aiming to fill my personal £40K pension allowance so FIh and FIp will be affected first. The other-MM’s earnings are not big enough to hit their £40K pension allowance.

December 2019 Recap

December rounded off an awesome year. I’ll do a separate roundup of our year early next week.

It’s been a pretty quiet month all round. We both rounded off a bunch of work, and then rolled into an extremely lazy festive period.

We stayed at home with the dog. Walks every day. Computer games. TV. Food. It was honestly one of the best breaks I’ve had. I actually managed to completely shut down for 2 weeks for the first time in a decade. It was awesome.

Finance wise, some additional deferred expense came through from October’s Trip to Rome. There was also some increased expenditure on food due to the Christmas break. Increased the wasit line too. Remember if you want shed the weight, build a habit, not a fad!

I made my first blog income! A huge milestone that I am over the moon about!

I also got some free shares from Trading212 worth over £20! If you sign up to Trading212* you will get a free share in a global company worth up to £100. Doesn’t sound like much, but you’d need £7K in a Marcus account for a year to earn that!

The first monthly direct debit for regular investment into a Stocks and Shares ISA came out this month. It’s to build a liquid bridge over the next 10 years. It’s in Vanguard for low fees. Investing in Vanguard LifeStrategy 80 and a small holding in Vanguard’s FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield $VHYL.

I’ve met my minimum spend on my AMEX, so I now have a companion voucher and nearly enough air Avios for an awesome free first-class flight to Tokyo for both of us. We’re planning this for 2021. If you want a referral to the BA Premium AMEX get in touch mm at You can get 3,000 Avios worth over £30 if you spend wisely.

Going Well

Should do better

December 2019

December has been a pretty good month, with increased pension contributions hitting our accounts.

Month on Month net worth increased by a whopping 3.12%. This is due to Nationwide showing a house price rise, a big uptick in pension contributions and pension growth.

Year on Year is up a very healthy 24.59%. More detail in next week’s review of 2019.

Type MoM% YoY%

I am really pleased with the Pension situation in 2019. I am utilizing my Pension Allowance as a way to accelerate RE at 55. Over 30% of that growth is solely down to growth and not contributions.

I am also really pleased with my S&S ISA contributions which are now even visible, but only as a sliver, on our asset allocations. This will increase quite a bit through 2020. I am using this to accelerate my FI number above. Compared to Pension contributions, this is tiny, but when my Pension pot is looking on track to grow to the near the lifetime allowance I’ll dial back pension contributions.

Asset Allocations

Here you can see asset allocations this month compared to December 2018.

Whilst equity exposure appears very low, all pensions are in global trackers funds. Investment in equities is almost solely via pensions. Although I am now also contributing to an S&S ISA via Vanguard LifeStrategy 80 and a small holding in Vanguard’s FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield $VHYL.


This chart shows our net worth growth since the other-MM started work and I graduated.

The little bit of bump earlier year was due to a change in my job. This meant reduced pension contributions during probation. It’s now starting to tick up again as expected.

Whilst we’re mortgage free, and on the path, FI let alone FIRE still seems a very long way away. Subscribe now and follow me on Twitter @moneymagery. I hope you like the charts, I am a fan of Tufte*.

How is your journey to FI going?

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